We would like to guide you and to make this moment easier, because this is a road we have travelled many times before.

The moment has arrived for you to choose between a burial or cremation for your loved one.

Each decision you make is considered with care and we will help you with all the arrangements necessary for the vigil or wake, transfer to the church and provide professional help in making decisions about your choice of coffin, urn, mementos etc.




Thirty experts in organising Funeral Ceremonies are with you throughout the funeral. An experienced team, who will support you throughout the process so that you and your relatives can take each step, putting your trust in us.  We want you to feel comforted and cared for when you say goodbye to your loved one, with peace of mind.



Communicating the message to others about the funeral means it is now time to think of the right words to use, choosing every word carefully. We will help you communicate with sensitivity, in accordance with your wishes.  Through whichever type of media: the website, newspapers, radio, WhatsApp or through our own free condolence service.

At Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza we have put technology at the disposal of our clients, so that they can consult recent death announcements and send a message of sympathy online.  This ensures that everyone can send a message of support, of help and of remembrance to people who knew the deceased even if they find it impossible to be at the funeral home or the church due to their location.

Communicating the message to others about the funeral involves thinking about the right words to use, choosing every word carefully. We will help you communicate sensitively in the Diario de Ibiza, in the way that you and your family wish.

This is an automatic system which offers family and friends of the deceased the choice to bring comfort from whichever part of the world they are in, using the Remembrance app. This app makes it easy to send messages of sympathy and photographs as a way of paying respects at the chapel of rest.



Flowers convey many messages and feelings. Saying farewell to your loved one with a beautiful display of flowers is an act of respect, love and remembrance. We take care of every detail, working to make sure that your choice of arrangement is there throughout the ceremony.




We offer a chapel of rest, an intimate place where you can be with your loved ones and say goodbye by paying your respects to the person who you have lost. You can feel safe and protected with your family and friends in the calm and comforting surroundings of the chapel of rest which is reserved for you. Our experienced team are on hand to help you.

We can help you create a tribute through a collection of memories available on a memorial wall throughout the vigil or wake. This way loved ones from all over the world can participate both visually and interactively, as tributes will be of great comfort to you at this time.  Afterwards you can take a compilation of the tributes home with you.

Food can provide some comfort when emotions surface during the funeral.  It can be a way of providing hospitality and saying thank you to those who are by your side.




This is the time for the family and friends to meet, give eulogies about their loved ones and offer their prayers. The place you choose to say farewell to and honour the soul and spirit of the one who has gone. We will help you in the decision making and the organisation of any choices you have made, managing and respecting the time you need, so that you have peace of mind. Having time to say farewell is by far the most important thing.

Music conveys feelings, cherishes our emotions and reaches the soul. Having a ceremony in which music is shared by all those present makes the atmosphere more harmonious and comforting.  All the families who opted for this service truly valued the experience as they felt more at peace when saying goodbye.

We can supply additional cars so that you do not have to worry about driving on the day of the funeral and remembrance. Subject to availability.



This is the moment when we truly understand how important it is to have people who can comfort us by our side. You have the choice of either cremation or burial for your loved one.  This is the time to lay them to rest in peace.  “Their final journey.”

We will assist you with respect and sensitivity throughout the funeral process, putting ourselves at your service, drawing on our extensive experience to give you confidence when you say your final farewell.

We put our hearts and souls into the work we do, to provide a service that gives families peace of mind.

This is the funeral option that most families prefer due its traditional nature, with Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza having provided funeral services for over three generations, caring for the bereaved while they say goodbye.

Our experienced team will be by your side throughout the process, caring for you so that you can say goodbye with peace of mind.

During the last few years, a small percentage of the population has chosen the option of cremation for their loved ones.  At Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza we will advise and help you with your preferred options and will support you in every aspect, so that you can say goodbye in peace.

Ibiza is a multi-cultural community, with people from all over the world living here. Because of this we are experts in assisting families with transfers or repatriation of the deceased, wherever they are from, and whatever their religion. We will take care of everything until they arrive at the required destination.


Memories and beautiful words touch the heart. A gold brooch is a memento that can also help you hold on to the memories of the one that has gone and remember them with love and affection. This elegant memento is one of the remembrance options available.

A popular, symbolic way to pay tribute through film. A video album is a beautiful memento, allowing you to look back on the special moments in your loved one’s life.

A gold brooch will be a reminder of the departed person’s love and affection for you and the memories that you have. Memories that will be in your heart forever. An elegant keepsake.



We will support you through the entire process, with our professionals always available, including after the ceremony. You can rely on our advice to help you manage any paperwork, to request the support of a counsellor, and to help you deal with the deceased’s belongings. 

After the funeral we will advise you and help you decide on the shape and design of the stone where your loved one will be laid to rest. We have a wide range of designs and customised formats available.

If you would like to scatter the ashes at sea, we are able to provide a boat for a special way of saying a final farewell.

We can provide alternative therapies to help with your pain.